Expecteed Results

  • Develop cross-border feature of the project, allowing the cultural and experiential growth of the two Partner Countries.
  • Encourage the international cooperation, the dialogue and the exchange of experience between the authorities and the stakeholders with the aim of harmonization of standards in the cycling infrastructure.
  • Increase the accessibility and consequently the visibility of the landscape contexts recently promoted or completely unknown.
  • Encourage the increase of visitors in response to the market needs with regard to the target of the responsible and eco-tourism.
  • Promote the urban mobility and the cycling tourism in Puglia and Greece.
  • Promote the sustainable mobility in order to be inserted between the instruments of territorial and transport planning in each concerned country / region.
  • Encourage the environmental regeneration through the recovery of urban / rural not enhanced areas and the enhancement of already existing routes
  • Make grow the culture of the sustainable mobility, the road safety of the non-motorized users and of the public and collective¬† transport (train, bus, ferry) in combination with the bike.
  • Promote the tourism by bicycle as a best practice for sustainable tourism.
  • Promote the "activity of cycle excursions" encouraging the local employment.
  • Join to the community project "Eurovelo", a group of bike routes that cross all of Europe.
  • Bring economic benefits to the local communities also through the creation of new works.
  • Deseasonalize the tourism, thanks to the presence in the two regions of a type of Mediterranean climate, which allows, concidered the good temperatures, a use of the cycle routes throughout the year.


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