Brief description

W.B.B. project was established with ambitious goal of disseminating and communicating the logic of sustainable mobility ,a mobility system based on the principle of the efficient use of the territory and the natural resources and aimed at ensuring the respect of the integrity of the environment, not unduly burdening on the social system in terms of the following externalities: air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, congestion due to the vehicular traffic, accidents.

The project is characterized by the integration of two different and interrelated phases:
The infrastructure interventions that permit to adapt to bike routes some existing urban \ rural paths and to ensurethe modal integration of the same with other networks of transport (eg train). The proposed activities in this phase are full of interventions of restoration work of roads and trails, studies and implementation of a system of coordinated signage, creation of infrastructure for cycling and cyclists (bike hire and installation of bikes’ rack on the cycle routes) up to the purchase of Infrastructures (slides) to optimize the transport of the bicycles in stations in relation to climb, descent, and safety.
Immaterial interventions to ensure services to the cyclists. In this phase there will be created maps with information in support of the tourists with the possibility of inclusion of the same online through GPS technology. The organization of two events (one in Italy and one in Greece) to raise the awareness to the use of bicycles and the benefits that this form of sustainable mobility can produce.

There will be also created integrated tourist packages combining the tourist track made in the project. The outputs of the project will be presented at two fairs (Borsa of the sports tourism and of the wellness-Montecatini Terme October, Borsa for the environmentally sustainable tourism - Riva del Garda February).
The entire project will be coordinated by cross-cutting activities of management and coordination to allow the transactional management of the same and the sharing of objectives and results, and by a series of activities aimed at promoting and publicizing it.

Among the expected results:
•  To Increase the logic of the sustainable mobility and user awareness to the use of intermodal transport.
•  To Promote the international cooperation and the harmonization of the standards in the cycling infrastructure.
•  To Increase the mobility between citizens of the involved territories.

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