Consortium of Apulian Tourist Operator


Cotup was founded in 1969. It is a non-profit-making consortium of Apulian tourism companies. Its main objectives are: to promote and increase the tourist flows coming from Italy and abroad; problem solving concerning tourism in cooperation with public and private local actors in pursue of common goals and interests; to promote tourist companies trying to interpret and support the operators' needs.

The main activities associated with the consortium are varied and can be so described: to plan and manage promotional, tourist and cultural events in Italy and abroad; to organize the collective participation to fairs and exhibitions; to organize educational guided tours for tour operators and journalists; to coordinate, organize and manage advertisement programs.

Over the forty years since the beginning of its business activity, the consortium has both set up and consolidated events and has become a point of reference for the major associations within the same sector. Thanks to constant monitoring of tourism flows and demand both in Italy and abroad, Cotup has identified the most receptive areas for the regional tourism and thus defined, in cooperation with various institutions, the most favourable strategies for the development of Apulian tourism. In the last few years Cotup has participated in over fifty trade fairs in Italy and over sixty abroad and organized approximately 20 promotional events.

From 2002 to 2008, on behalf of the Regione Puglia, the consortium was charged for the realization and running of tourism promotional events and fairs at both the national and international levels, together with hospitality and promotional tours.

The publishing activity of the consortium is particularly worth mentioning. It edits and publishes brochures concerning different topics and new styles of hospitality.

Cotup in Europe

In the last few years Cotup has acquired experience in CBC and international projects.

With reference with INTERREG IIIA Italy-Albania 2000-2006, Cotup managed the project “CoSTIA: Cooperation and Tourist development Italy-Albania”. The aim of the project was to promote an cooperation between Italy and Albania for the development of alternative forms of receptiveness and sustainable tourism (particularly the B&B) in Albania in tuning with the environmental and natural heritage of the territory of Saranda.

With reference with INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Cross Border Cotup has coordinated and managed, as Lead Partner, Project TTB: Tourism, Spa, Wellness. The project was aimed to the reinforcement of the cross border cooperation process by the creation of favourable situations for the development of small and medium sized tourism enterprises from the thermal and wellbeing sectors in the surrounding areas.

With reference with INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Cross Border, Cotup participated as Partner in the Project ADRIATIC SEAWAYS. Activities were: Study of economic and tourist development of the territory; creation of tourist packages, and Trans-Adriatic routes.

With reference with IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013, Cotup participated as Partner in the Projects STAR and TOURGRATE2.

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