Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development of Patras S.A. (ADEP S.A.) was established by the Municipality of Patras and aims at:

- promoting the social, economic, tourism and environmental development of the Municipality of Patras, and

- creating the prerequisites for the effective exploitation of the Municipality’s potential by utilizing national and European sources of funding.


ADEP S.A. employees highly qualified personnel with various skills who deal with a wide range of activities. In parallel, ADEP S.A. cooperates with external consultants and occupies staff on an ad hoc basis according to the needs raised by the implementation of the various actions.

It is noteworthy that ADEP S.A. has exploited its experienced scientific potential for the successful implementation of a significant number of programs as well as the creation of structures for the benefit of the citizens of Patras and for supporting the efforts of other similar organizations of the area. More specifically, ADEP S.A. completed measures within the following fields: Environment – Local Agenda 21 implementation – Energy – Civil Planning – Tourism – Health – Employment – Education & training.

Department of Environment & Sustainable Development

The Department of Environment & Sustainable Development of A.D.E.P S. A. employs specialized staff comprised of full-time employees and external associates such as Biologist, Environmentalist, Geo-environmentalist, Economist, Local Development specialist etc.

Main objectives of the environmental actions of the Department are:

1. The protection and improvement of urban and natural environment

2. The contribution to sustainable governance of urban areas

3. The promotion of equity, social integration and upgrading of downgraded urban zones

4. The improvement of eco-efficiency in the management of natural resources

5. The protection of public health from the danger deriving from the degradation of the environment

6. The intensification of the efforts dealing with climate change


 The main action areas in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives are:

A. Management of urban waste and water

B. Management of Natural areas – Panahaiko Mountain (Natura 2000)

C. Implementation of Sustainable Development in the urban environment

D. Energy management

E. Implementation of National and European Projects

F. Programs of Environmental Education at schools

G. Scientific support to the Municipality of Patras


In the past Programming Period (2000-2006) ADEP S.A.’s Department of Environment & Sustainable Development participated in the following Interreg Projects:

  • Adriatic Action Plan 2020 (Action Program for the Adriatic),
  • Reseau Des Parcs (Network of Natural Parks),
  • ISOLABELLA (Strengthening of the economic integration of island areas and sustainable management of coastal areas)
  • SEAPASS (Applied Electronic Systems for the Protection of the Environment and the Sustainable Development)
  • WindTechKnow (Regional Wind Technology and Knowledge Transfer Strategies)


In the current Programming Period (2007-2013) ADEP S.A.’s Department of Environment & Sustainable Development concluded the following projects:

  • GP-WIND (Good practice in reconciling onshore and offshore wind with environmental objectives – Intelligent Energy Europe)
  • ENESCOM (European Network of Information Centres promoting Energy Sustainability and CO2 reduction among local Communities – Intelligent Energy Europe)
  • PLUS (Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces – Interreg IV C)
  • SURF-Nature (Sustainable Use of Regional Funds – for Nature – Interreg IVC)
  • CC-Waters (Climate Change and impacts of Water Supply) – SOUTH EAST EUROPE


Also for the current Programming period (2007-2013) ADEP S.A.’s Department of Environment & Sustainable Development currently participates in the following projects:

  • ACT (Adapted to Climate change in Time) – LIFE+
  • MESP (Managing the Environmental Sustainability of Ports for a durable development – ENPI CBC MED)
  • WBB (Wonder By Bicycle – Interreg Greece-Italy)
  • WaS4D (Water Saving for Development – Interreg Greece-Italy)
  • PROFORBIOMED (Promotion of residual forestry biomass in the Mediterranean basin – MED)


A more detailed description of each action area of the Environment & Sustainable Development Department is provided below:

A. Management of urban waste and water

ADEP S.A. is mainly activated in the area of alternative waste management such as the Multi-collective Recycling Program of the Municipality of Patras, the development of a Program of house composting of organic wastes, as well as recycling of special materials such as batteries, electrical devices etc. Also in the field of water supply and quality management

B. Management of Natural areas – Panahaiko Mountain (Natura 2000)

ADEP S.A. has the general responsibility for the management of the protected Natura 2000 area of the Panahaiko Mountain. In the framework of this responsibility implements Programs of Environmental Education, coordinates the actions for institutional and legal protection of the area (Special Environmental Study, characterization of reforestation areas), promotes protection (reforestation, anti-corrosion, forest protection and environmental monitoring), forest recreation and alternative tourism and sports, as well as promotion of the area itself.

C. Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Urban environment

In the framework of realization of a sustainable urban management, ADEP S.A. promotes actions that are related to the Local Agenda 21 in the frame of the Aalborg Commitments that the Municipality of Patras has adopted since October 2005, as well as the Covenant of Mayors committed to local energy sustainability.

D. Energy management

The actions realized are based on the common axis energy-climate change and deal with programs of promotion and sensitization for energy saving, promotion of the use of Renewable Energy Sources, and generally promotion of attitudes that contribute to dealing with the climate problem.

E. Realization of National and European Programs

ADEP S.A. realizes National and Transnational Projects with general thematic the Environment, aiming at the adoption of European policies for the environment, the implementation of common methods of realization with other European countries and the acquisition of technical know-how in the individual environmental issues.

F. Programs of Environmental Education at schools

ADEP S.A. has established a close collaboration and cooperation with the education community and a significant number of environmental groups. Through this network ADEP S.A. runs programs of environmental education, sensitization and training, as well as pilot projects that promote the environmental policy of the Municipality of Patras at the students and teachers.

G. Scientific support to the Municipality of Patras

ADEP S.A. uses its specialized experience and know-how to support on a permanent basis the Municipality of Patras on issues of environment such as environmental studies, consultation, organization of events, campaigns, etc.

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