Municipality of Sternatia

Municipality of Sternatia is a public body in the heart of the Salento region. It is part of “Grecìa Salentina”,
an important area created through the collaboration of 11 municipalities with the purpose of promoting
the knowledge of the “griko”, the Greek dialect. The Parliament has recognized the Griko community as an
ethnic and linguistic minority.
Together with the language, Sternatia jealously guard its own treasures: traditions, history, culture, architecture,
costumes, music and gastronomy.
The municipality of Sternatia organizes seminars, conferences and exhibitions to foster and to valorize its
cultural heritage. Moreover, it develop national, regional and European projects; in this way, there is an
equal dialogue and solid cooperation among dierent countries and it share, with other partners (public
authorities, no prot organization), relevant experiences and activities coming from various concrete
The municipality of Sternatia develops its activities in the eld of cultural hermitage among national and
regional countries so to create a permanent exchange and collaboration circuit. It represents the natural
prosecution of one of the most signicant parts achieved during national and European projects.
The intent is to transform the general objectives in concrete actions, to provide services and opportunities
for a growth of competencies, to develop skills needed to enhance conservation and development of
the cultural heritage, to increase the employment especially for the youth.

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