Region of Western Greece

• The Region of Western Greece is consisted of three Regional Entities (former Prefectures), Achaia, Ileia and
Aitoloakarnania and 19 municipalities. The largest city and capital of Western Greece Region is the city of Patras,
which is also one of the largest ports in Greece and the main gateway to Italy and Europe. As a regional authority,
Western Greece Region is the main responsible actor for the design and implementation of policies regarding the
sustainable development of Western Greece, planning for the enhancement and promotion of economic,
environmental and social sectors.
• It is one of the 13 regions of Greece, part of the second level of self-administration structure and extends in
the north – western part of Peloponnese and the western part of Central Greece. The area covers 15.490 km2 and the
population is more than 680.190 people.
• Archaeological sites, like Ancient Olympia, museums, libraries, theatres and galleries are among the most
worth-seeing points of interest in the region along with the local traditional communities and the number of
buildings with unique architecture.
History, culture and tradition are complemented by the great natural beauty, the majestic mountains and the various
lovely beaches extended across the region offering pleasure and activities to their visitors.
The Carnival of Patras, the largest event of its kind in the country and one of the world's largest and most important
carnivals of Europe, the International Festival of Patra, and the local fests are some of the most characteristic events
taking place promoting arts and creativity.
• Projects of WGR
European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007 – 2013:
NO.BARRIER New target - Tourism without barriers
WBB: Wander by Bicycle
Talking Lands: Conversation between Apulia and Greece "
Cesapo: Air Quality in the seas ports in Greece and Italy
RE HERB: Recording, documentation, promotion and distribution of aromatic and medicinal herbs and products
LA BOTTEGA II: Workshop of voices II
GrItCUZINE: Gastronomic specialties - Create culinary identity and heritage enhancement in the cross Greece - Italy
• Lifelong Learning Programme - INSTALL - Innovative information strategy for Lifelong Learning in Greece"
• South East Europe:
BUILD SEE - Addressing the divide between EU indications and their practical implementation in the green construction
and eco-social re-qualification of residential areas in South East Europe regions
SECOVIA - SEE Jointly developed common advanced virtual accessibility solutions to support public services
• Digital Convergence Call 30
• INTERREG IVC - In Compass: Improving regional policies for the economic viability of creative business incubators
• Call for Upgrading of Tourist Services is the RWG
• Project Manager
Mr. George Angelopoulos
Deputy Head of the Region of Western Greece
for Development & Rural Economy
32nd, New National Road Patras-Athens
GR-26441, Patras, Greece
Tel.: +30 2613 613521
Fax: +30 2613 613523
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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